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Super Oliver World


Super Oliver World – Join Oliver, a brave young boy in a red cap and overalls, as he embarks on an epic side-scrolling adventure in Super Oliver World. Guide Oliver as he runs, jumps, and climbs through fantastical worlds filled with bouncy mushrooms, treacherous pitfalls, and classic enemies like Goombas. Oliver’s quest is to rescue his beloved dog Rufus, who has been kidnapped.

With easy-to-use touch controls, players can perform precise jumps, wall kicks, and acrobatic slides to navigate each handcrafted level’s challenging obstacles. Collect coins along the way to unlock fun costumes that change Oliver’s appearance like a cowboy outfit or pumpkin head. Search diligently for hidden secrets like warp pipes that can transport you to bonus areas.

Super Oliver World pays homage to iconic retro platformers with its charming pixel art visuals and catchy 8-bit chiptune soundtrack. While the story follows a simple setup, the gameplay packs plenty of depth, such as hidden levels, intense boss battles, and Easter eggs that will delight seasoned platformer fans.

Featuring over 80 levels spanning worlds like a sugary candy land, haunting graveyard, and long-abandoned castle ruins, Super Oliver World delivers an abundance of side-scrolling adventure. The challenging but fair level design paired with a generous lives system makes it accessible for platformer fans of all skill levels. Prepare to channel your platforming skills to guide Oliver on his heroic quest to save the day!

How to play Super Oliver World:

The main objective is to guide the young hero Oliver through each level to reach the goal and progress through the game’s worlds.

Movement is controlled through touch gestures on the screen – tap the left side to make Oliver move and run left, tap the right side to move right.

To jump, tap anywhere on the screen or tap-and-hold to jump higher. Oliver can also double jump by tapping again while in the air.

Watch out for enemies like Goombas that can damage Oliver if touched. Hold a finger on the screen to duck and slide under low obstacles.

Wall kicks allow Oliver to jump up toward walls and kick off them to reach higher areas.

Collect coins scattered throughout levels to spend on unlocking fun costumes and outfits for Oliver like a cowboy or pumpkin head.

Keep an eye out for hidden secrets like warp pipes that transport Oliver to bonus areas. Defeating bosses at the end of each world progresses the story.

Oliver has a limited number of lives, so try to avoid falling in pits or getting hit by enemies and hazards too many times. Careful jumping precision is key.

With its retro pixel graphics, challenging level design, and nostalgic chiptune music, Super Oliver World provides a robust old-school platforming experience! Let me know if any other gameplay details would be helpful.