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Pokemon Great Defense 2


"Pokemon Great Defense 2" - Command Pokemon to defend against invading enemies! Strategize and protect your territory to emerge victorious!

Pokémon Great Defense 2 – Defend the Pokémon world from an invading legion of Team Rocket forces in this game. This addictive strategy sequel puts your Pokémon mastery to the test as you strategically position and power up fan-favorite creatures to unleash their signature abilities against the swarms of encroaching enemies.

Choose from iconic Pokémon like Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, and many more to serve as defensive towers. Each Pokémon wields distinct elemental and powers types you’ll need to coordinate to cover all entry points. Use long-range hydro pumps from Blastoise while Pikachu zaps airborne nuisances. Swap and upgrade Pokémon to counter-play against the escalating villain and enemy roster.

With bright, vibrant 3D visuals, cries and sound effects pulled right from the Pokémon universe, plus goofy humor, this game blends franchise nostalgia with engrossing tower defense strategy gameplay. Earn cash to unlock new pathways and traps to steer enemies into the overwhelmingly greater force – your powered-up Pokémon alliance army!

The invading Team Rocket army grows stronger with each confrontation, testing trainer skills to the extreme. Stack the odds in your favor with stronger Pokémon, tighter chokepoints and surprise Legendary Pokémon entering the fray as the last line of defense!

How to play the tower defense game Pokémon Great Defense 2:

The main objective is to strategically place and upgrade your Pokémon towers to defeat waves of enemy Pokémon before they can reach your base.

You start with some coins to purchase your initial Pokémon towers like Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise to place along the path to your base. Enemies will start progressing in waves along the path towards your base.

Each Pokémon tower has different elemental attack types, ranges and abilities to take advantage of. Use long-range water attacks from Blastoise while Pikachu covers closer threats with electric strikes.

After beating waves, you earn more coins to upgrade existing Pokémon towers for more power, purchase new Pokémon towers to fill gaps, or place maze tiles to steer the path enemies must follow.

Important strategic elements are coordinating your Pokémon tower placements to leave no gaps in coverage, forcing enemies to bunch up, and countering enemy type weaknesses.

Powerful Legendary Pokémon towers can be unlocked with enough coins to really overwhelm later enemies. Stop the Team Rocket leaders like Giovanni from reaching your base!

With smart tactical Pokémon coordination across dozens of waves, you can defend against escalating enemy forces through skill and strategy using beloved franchise icons.